South coast beauty

Private guided luxury tour

South coast beauty

See the wonders along the south coast of Iceland. The waterfalls of Skógar and Seljalandsfoss are a few of Iceland’s gems,

Ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall?
There's nothing quite like this feeling

A visit to the glacier of Sólheimar gives you a chance to touch and feel and if you like, taste the 1000 year old compressed glacial ice.

Witness the effect the ash from the “Eyjafjallajökull” volcano had on the landscape first hand. See how the grass managed to push it’s way through and survive the overwhelming forces of the volcanic power!  😉

There is a warm pool under the Eyjafjallajökull volcano! Naturally heated clean water in a pool that was built in the 1920’s and hasn’t changed since. If you want to visit and go swimming there it’s a treat you will love. Bring bathing suits and towels and you’ll decide when you get there if you wanna jump in. 99.9% of those who go there do just that 😉

See the basalt lava columns rise out of the black sand giving shelter to the birds of the ocean. In the summer they’re swarming with puffins.

There’s a wonderful family owned farm guesthouse/restaurant that serves the best food in the south of Iceland and I strongly recommend we go there for lunch. Included for lunch is a soup for starters, locally caught wild fresh water arctic charr prepared by a great chef that was born and raised on the farm.  Coffee or tea.  It’s always possible to ask for a substitute for the charr, like a big bowl of salad or meat. Just let us know 🙂

book here

Full day 8 hours (an hour longer maybe if volcano swimming pool is included)
total price for the day: 130.000.- iskr. (max 4 persons)
Lunch, drinks and snacks included 🙂


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