The golden circle…with an icy twist!

Private guided luxury tour

The golden circle with an icy twist

The Golden Circle  is an Icelandic classic. Every Icelander has at some point in their lives driven the golden circle. It includes a visit to the place of the old viking parliament. Where the heart of the nation beats and where the continents of Europe and America are tearing Iceland apart creating the mighty Atlantic rift.  

Then it’s off to the hot spring area of “Geysir” where you will see the most active spouting hot spring in the world.
The most active spouting geyser in the world
Close by, is the golden waterfall of “Gullfoss” a powerful glacial river waterfall.

We turn the jeep towards the second largest glacier in Iceland and meet the king of the glacier 🙂 

We meet and greet the glacier king and if he likes us he might be willing to guide us around his glacial domain on snowmobiles.  1-2 hour trips available. 

An icy twist to the classic Icelandic golden circle tour
Included for lunch is a tradtional Icelandic classic dish:  “lamb soup” or you can choose vegetable soup, bread and salad. Or if you like you have a cream cheese bagel with smoked local salmon. All this and more at the “Gullfoss” waterfall cafe.  Drinks and coffee are included too of course.
snacks and drinks in the superjeep are included too of course

Full day 8 hours (back at the hotel in Reykjavik around 17.00-18.00)

total price for the day: 130.000.- iskr.

Book here:
(max 4 persons)

(snowmobiles are not included in this price they cost 20.000. iskr. pr. person for 1 hr.)


1 Response to The golden circle…with an icy twist!

  1. Nan McConnell says:

    My husband and I are staying at Northern Lights Inn for night of Dec., 12. We wondered about being picked up there on Dec. 13 for a Golden Circle tour – during daylight hours – and being dropped off at Hotel Holt that evening.

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