The glacier lagoon

Private guided luxury tour
The glacier lagoon of “Jökulsárlón“.  An incredible place where glacial ice is breaking off the largest glacier in Europe, creating a lagoon where huge icebergs float around in a 300 meter deep freezing water. This is place has attracted curious travelers from all over the world for decades. Filmmakers have been here shooting some pretty dramatic stuff for example: James Bond has been there…twice. Batman (begins) was also not far from here on the glacier. (we stop there too) Getting to these places is a long drive from Reykjavik but an incredibly scenic one.  On the way we’ll see the old fire lava(Eldhraun), waterfalls, black sand beaches and and… you’ll see 🙂

The glacier lagoon

The glacier lagoon
 A dramatic lagoon by the largest glacier in Europe: “Vatnajökull”
Since this is a very long drive I recommend splitting it into two days and stay in a wonderful hotel in the country or if you like it can be done in 15-20 hours!
total price for one day trip (15-20 hours): 160.000.- iskr. (max 4 persons)
for a two day trip the total price is 210.000.- iskr.
Lunch, drinks and snacks included
Overnight stay is not included in the price.
other arrangements are negotiable:

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