Northen Lights hunt


Private guided luxury tour
It is possible to go and look for the northern lights. They are very localized and need to be hunted by patient and curious travelers.
The northern lights can be can only be seen during winter times but that is a long time in Iceland they can be seen from late August until late April.  They are not seen all the time. Conditions must be right. First of all no cloud cover.  If there’s no cloud cover there’s always a chance to spot them.
And once you see them… I’m not going to describe that! That’s for you to experience.  I can only say for my parts that I’m awestricken every time and I’ve seen them quite often in my life.
book here:
duration: 4-6 hours depending on how much patience is needed 🙂
total price: 55.000.- iskr. (max 4 persons)
Drinks(warm and cold) and snacks are included


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