Journey to the center of the earth

Private guided luxury tour

Snæfellsnes peninsula


The gateway to the center of the earth is in this glacier according Jules Verne anyway 🙂

A magical area where witches and demi-gods are drawn towards the power of “Snæfellsnes” glacier.
There is magic in everything in this area. There is hot and cold mineral water that comes from the ground.
You can drink the cold water and bathe in the hot. Both have been proven to have very positive effects on the skin and overall body health.
If you want to bathe in the warm pools then you must bring a towel. Bathing suits are optional…
    Strange lava formations on the beaches, perfect place for a short hike.
a tiny fishing village on the snaefellsnes peninsula
Arnarstapi (Eagle’s point)
Probably the smallest fishing village in the world and one of the most beautiful.
If the conditions(no snow) are right there is a cave in this area that is exciting to visit.
 This is the magical pebble stone beach,
     where your own powerstone is waiting for you.
             There is a stone for everyone there, you just need find yours.
Full day 9-11 hours
total price for the day: 140.000.- iskr. (max 4 persons)
Lunch: an excellent locally made fish soup, local fresh baked bread and salad is included
Drinks and snacks are also included


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